B.M. RICAMI is an artisan company that has been operating for more than 30 years in the sector of haberdashery, is producing embroidery for the child and household, as well as a wide range for hobby.


The success of this company is determined by a young and dynamic team, attention to the choice of materials, and combination of colors, in fact each new product is created with love and passion.


The company follows the production of each phase: DESIGN, CUT, PACKAGE, IRONING, QUALITY CONTROL, ENFOLDING.


Thanks to a great team of professionals, the company is proud to market a product Made in Italy  which is a source of pride in Italy and around the world.





 Via Lesina, 57
Brembate Sopra 
24030 (BG) - ITALY
Tel. +39 035.621479
Fax +39 035.621827
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